Built A Creative Online Storefront For Doodern To Boost Their ROI By 40%

Doodern is an online platform that displays a range of merchandise such as decorative stuff and accessories. In Thailand, Doodern is a boon to small-scale sellers to register their store and sell their products via this e-commerce platform. The e-commerce website design is quite unique as compared to the rival websites.

Tanyapatr benjapattharaseth
Tanyapatr benjapattharaseth Bangkok, www.doodern.com
We really needed a website which is very break- through and quite customized. We actually did a lot of research before we found CSSChopper. They are very professional and able to address our concern and on top of it are very reasonable in price.


The e-commerce platform that was to be built was targeted for users of Thailand and we had to design the website keeping the flavor intact. Also, the design was expected to be creative and not essentially unique.

Desired Solution:
  • Crisp and clear product display divided into categories.
  • An advanced search engine to help users locate the right product.
  • A well-designed check-out page to offer a smooth shopping experience.
  • Flawless delivery charges setting page and return policy section for the sellers enlisted.

The delivery charges settings page and return policy section for the sellers were so complex and it was the greatest challenge for us to design the same. The prime motto was to give a remarkable boost of 35-40% to their website.

Written by
Sumit Sengar
SUMIT SENGAR Business Head, Sparx
“It is a well-known fact that e-commerce has revolutionized the global economy to a large extent. Every e-commerce portal owner wants its company to grow at a rapid pace so that s/he can earn the maximum profit. At Sparx, we adopt all the organic methodologies to create the highly functional e-commerce platforms.”

our solution

We relied on our core technical strength and devised a solution that was expected from us. There were 5 developers who were dedicatedly working on this project with the immense dexterity. Backed by the extensive experience of e-commerce development and updated with the latest knowledge on Core PHP and MySQL, we created an attractive design and an engaging storefront.

The features like ‘easy store creation’ for sellers and ‘multiple sellers checkout options’ for buyers were provided for the assured success of the platform.

video testimonial


We were entrusted with an unmatched online storefront development by Doodern.com and we did not disappoint them. The result that we produced was exactly as expected by the team of Doodern and they were quite elated to have us on board for the project. Their website recorded a 40% boost in the ROI which was not less than an achievement. We also understood their urgency and delivered the project within the stipulated timeframe.

Methodology adopted
  • We collected and analyzed the requirements from the clients through several rounds of discussion.
  • We chose the apt technology and started the development and design process followed by testing.
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