How Sparx helped us Deliver a Bug-free website To boost Revenue and Conversions

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Bhavin Mehta
Amar Kohli M D, Super Margin
We were in an emergent need to get our problem fixed as we were getting number of customers’ complaints. Sparx, with the help of their dedicated programmers, put immediate time and effort in fixing the issues and provided the site that was functional for our customers. They rescued us out of a bad situation and provided a site with no issues.


In a positive move towards offering quality user experience, the website, i.e failed as it encountered a large number of bugs. The major problem as reported by the client was in the website’s ERP billing and order management system.

They required a solution that:
  • The client was looking for a sophisticated solution to the problem as they wanted a website that brings visitors, increases user engagement and boosts the overall conversion.
  • Make the process of order management clutter free and quick
  • Time-saving and easy collection process

We experienced a strange error with configurable products on the Magento site. Whenever a customer added the quantity of product from the site it failed to get updated or either the product quantity changes in the shopping cart. Overall, the output received was substandard.

Written by
Sumit Sengar
SUMIT SENGAR Business Head, Sparx
Having a buggy website results in poor performance and lack of revenue. In India, the importance of having a performance-oriented and revenue-generating website is highly important to take your business to great heights. At Sparx, we incorporated all the modern technologies like Capital Float API and Auth Bridge API to create highly functional eCommerce platform for businesses.

our solution

Our developers initially investigated the entire architecture of the site which is a Magento based eCommerce store. Further, they planned the way through which they could implement all the required elements. Upon searching for a route to fix this technical issue, our developers came across a reliable solution. They planned to work on the overall issue starting from the scratch, leaving the Magento core files untouched.

Our developers came across a simple and straightforward solution:
  • We progressed towards the client’s goals by analyzing the website architecture.
  • Coding errors were eliminated.
  • The revamped website started functioning flawlessly.


These changes helped guarantee long-term success of the website, ensuring it could stay technologically up-to-date and be consistently high functioning. This process of resolving bugs resulted in an increased traffic and orders.

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